Verification ensures Dopamining to be effective

To help you achieve your goals, we need to be able to hold you accountable. We do that by (i) training an AI to automatically detect cheating and (ii) designing the system to be as robust as possible against malicious behavior.

Cheat Protection through AI

Dopamining's AI team with advice from the world's best experts is developing a stream verification system which works alongside our pattern and outlier detection modules.

Verification happens first on your smartphone with random checks on our server.

Cheat Robust Game Design

Let's be realistic: if there is a monetary gain in a game, people will start trying to game the system. Fortunately, Dopamining prevents real-life Sybil attacks like this:

Blacklisting: Cheat attempts identified by our AI or random checks will lead to blacklisting, which makes cheating attempts infeasible from a game theoretic perspective (assuming individual rationality) through a high risk of loss. Additionally, even irrational cheaters are slowly weeded out of the system in this way.

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