💎Why Dopamining?

Gamification on steroids to help you stay consistent on your goals.

In our modern world people heavily struggle to maintain productive routines due to an overload of easily accessible, low-effort dopamine sources such as smartphones, social media, sugary food, and other instant gratifications.

This crisis leads to a lack of motivation to engage in more challenging activities that provide long-term benefits, like working out, studying, or stepping out of one's comfort zone.

Dopamining uses the same mechanisms that make you addicted, but to your benefit: Gamification on steroids through monetary incentives X accountability.

In order to support you to become the best version of yourself or to achieve your goals, Dopamining will help you with the single most important ingredient: consistency.

The Value of Consistency

Waking up early, establishing a morning routine, tackling your difficult "frog"-project first, meditation, journaling, gratitude practice, working out, giving up smoking... the list goes on!

All these good changes have one thing in common:

Their real value unfolds when you have stayed consistent with them for a long time.

The benefits of doing what you planned to do - even a simple task - will ripple through all areas of your life. You are priming your brain to see you as the decision maker and your emotions not as tyrannical masters, but as your partners in a life determined by you. You will earn confidence.

Staying consistent on something is the biggest super power in our world full of easy alternatives and high-stimulus distractions.

Why Consistency Matters

Here are some short clips of experienced people from different walks of life. They approach consistency each from their own angle:

Jordan Peterson, (Psychologist) - Why you cannot be mentally healthy without consistency

Jocko Willink, (Navy Seal) - Consistent Discipline Equals Freedom

Wes Watson, (Prisoner) - Respect and Mental Health in Prison through Consistency

Tim Ferris, (Entrepreneur) - How to be more productive

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These books go into some depth about the effects of consistency. Check them out for a more theoretical approach!

5AM Club - The effect of consistent morning routines

The Slight Edge Success = consistently making tiny, right choices

The Compound Effect - The exponential benefit of consistency

Atomic Habits - How small 'atomic' habits transform your life

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Consistency through Fitness Habits

Working out has incredibly influential ripple effects on our life quality. You live longer, look better, have less mental health issues, are more motivated in other areas of life and are less likely to suffer from IQ loss and dementia later on. (And there's much more.)

Yet, 74% of us are overweight. The pandemic made it even worse. And the problem exacerbates itself: Being overweight reduces dopamine receptor availability - e.g. each kilo/pound diminishes your overall motivation. A vicious cycle.

We can break this cycle by holding you accountable until workouts become fun!

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