Dopamining Whitepaper


A core feature of the Dopamining experience is Motivation-as-a-Service.

The Science

Experience shows that fitness apps with a real reward system achieve around 10x the normal rate of retention. That means it is much more likely that you will reach your goal.
To get this effect, you can stake $DPM coins on a challenge, for example a 3-7 day series of workouts. If you finish each workout, you get your stake back, perhaps with a little extra. If you don't finish it, you lose the stake.

Getting Started: Fit for Christmas

In our first challenge "Get fit for Christmas", we will have a public 7 Challenge for every advent week. You will be able to stake the test-net tickets you got through your workouts. Just like it will be in the real Dopamining system, the lost stakes will be distributed among those users who finished the challenge (minus a small fee). So there is the chance to win much more than your stake.

Roadmap: User-made Challenges

Soon, you will be able to create your own challenges by defining 3-7 workouts in a convenient editor. If you want to be extra hardcore, you can specify the time of the day when the workouts need to be finished.

Roadmap: Closed groups and public challenges

One way to do the challenge is to share it with your small group of friends in a closed circle.
Another way is to do the challenge it publicly. Then the challenges are sorted into leagues by difficulty. If you do a more difficult challenge, you participate in a higher league where people do "riskier" workout series. So if you finish it, your rewards will be that much greater.

What it's all about - in the end

Of course in the end, it is not about the rewards. It is about the friends and gains we made along the way. Gains in your arms. A smoother belly. A stronger posture. Your body is important, that's why treating it well brings a lot of happiness.