Commit money on your dream morning-routine. This will be the Gamechanger in your life.

What is Dopamining?

In our modern world people heavily struggle to maintain productive routines due to an overload of easily accessible, low-effort dopamine sources such as smartphones, social media, sugary food, and other instant gratifications. This crisis leads to a lack of motivation to engage in more challenging activities that provide long-term benefits, like working out, studying, or stepping out of one's comfort zone.
Dopamining is dedicated to addressing this problem. Our solution involves redefining how individuals start their day with the creation of a life-changing morning routine. The primary components of this routine are two-fold: 1) Waking up early, and 2) beginning the day with a rapid workout. Research has indicated that these activities significantly enhance productivity throughout the rest of the day, increasing productivity and well-being by +20-30%.
Our unique approach utilizes a Camera-AI technology that keeps you accountable. By committing to waking up at a specific time and completing a rapid workout, you can leverage this Camera-AI to help keep you accountable to your goals. By leveraging the brain’s sunk-cost effect, you commit funds towards the pursuit of your ideal routine, betting on yourself and your own discipline by pledging to donate money to charity if you break your routines. The dual consequence of this commitment ensures that you either enhance your own life through adherence to your new routine or contribute to the lives of others through our official partnership with world-leading charities from Effective Altruism and TheLifeYouCanSave. In essence, Dopaminings' solution empowers you to substitute cheap, unfulfilling dopamine rushes with a genuinely rewarding and productive daily routine.

In a Nutshell:

Commit to (i) when you wake up (ii) and which workout you will do right after. Choose the Charity out of the Effective Altruism which is closest to your heart. Commit money on your dream-routine and make it 11.4X more likely to change your life for the better, as your money is on the line every morning, utilizing the full power of the sunk-cost effect to your advantage.