web3 Motivation Platform

What is Dopamining?

Dopamining is a reward system for consistency. It makes your real-life goals so sweet you won't even feel the effort. This is made possible by the newest tech developments in crypto incentives and AI tracking. A new generation of motivation!
We traverse the pitfalls of the first generation of X2earn while using its full power. With AI-powered tracking and sustainable rewards, we aim to change lives!
Our starting focus is to provide you with all the necessary support for a healthy fitness routine with short home workouts. Goals beyond fitness are coming soon!

In a Nutshell:

Lean your phone against a wall, do a quick home workout with our tracking AI and earn $DONE coins for every rep. Use your coins make your Dragon-NFT more powerful and beautiful. Join staked challenges to supercharge your motivation.
We aim to support you with all popular workouts that form a balanced routine. The classics will all be there. If you have a special favourite workout you want integrated, join our discord and leave your opinion in the poll section with one click!
With Dopamining, you can stake your coins for sports challenges over 3-7 days, created by your favourite influencers. We pull all the stops to give the maximum meaning to your workout. Intermittent reward, loss aversion, thrill of risk... All these principles will supercharge your dopamine response and get you through any Motivational Draught.
Staying consistent isn't easy. Your Dragon will be your best friend during the hard times.

Dopamining DAO: owned, led and developed by the community

We envision Dopamining to be owned, led and developed by the community through a DAO in full alignment with the web3 philosophy. Channeling the first tokens and NFTs to those community members who contributed to the Project will be our first movement in this direction until the DAO implementation is ready for more. Our sincere goal is to build a lasting crypto ecosystem with a positive impact on the life of everyone involved. So you are very much invited to give your opinion in the suggestions and polls in our Discord channels. Our canon of concepts is constantly expanding as well as the app itself.