Earn2X, Not X2Earn
Given the failure of previous tokenomies, we have taken a careful look at what aspects proved useful in experience and which ones contributed to problems. Especially, we aim to keep our token prices stable by limiting supply and not creating whales.


  • Dopamining has a 2 token system
    • One Game Token that is easy to get and spend
    • One Governance Token that is used for advanced upgrades and later DAO participation
    • Both tokens have a limited supply
    • Nominal payouts in both tokens will decrease over time
  • Initial Token Distribution
    • All Game tokens will go to the community via in-game activity
    • 25% of the Governance tokens are used for directly funding team and development
    • 75% of the Governance tokens are held in the Community Treasury and will be spent to reward the community and advance the project
    • VCs will get classic shares - not tokens
  • Dopamining will be launched under strict German law

The Game Token ($DONE)

The $DONE token has a fixed supply of tokens and is meant to make the game interesting and rewarding. It is paid out for workouts and burned for many in-game actions. The daily amount distributed among players decreases over time while in-game actions will slowly become more expensive as the user base grows, thereby increasing demand over time and encouraging action.


The daily amount of $DONE tokens will be distributed among players depending on (i) their energy level and (ii) bonuses from Dragon attributes and collections. (Details will be published at alpha launch.)


  • Dragon levelups
  • Dragon evolutions
  • Dragon attribute upgrades
  • Breeding new Dragons
  • Feeding Dragons
  • Shortening breeding-time, etc
  • Future features

The Governance Token ($DPM)

The $DPM (DoPaMining) token has a fixed supply of 1e10 tokens and is meant to give users voting rights and leadership over the ecosystem. $DPM is deflationary. $DPM is used for:
  1. 1.
    Governance of token-sink-rates and breeding costs
  2. 2.
    Governance of Future Implementations
  3. 3.
    High in-game upgrades


$DPM tokens can only be gained by selling NFTs or other coins on the market or winning them in challenges. $DPM will also be awarded to contributors who advance the cause of Dopamining.


$DPM is burned for new Dragons & high-level in-game upgrades.
Examples of these are:
  • Dragon attribute upgrades beyond a certain level
  • Dragon evolutions
  • Dragon breeding

$DPM for community contributions

The majority of $DPM should ultimately be in the users' hands. A share is allocated to help the growth and development of the Dopamining ecosystem - that includes users who contribute to the ecosystem! More on this soon!

Initial Tokenomics (Disclaimer: Not final!)

A large part of the $DPM tokens will be distributed to users through the workout2earn system. A second large part of the tokens will be distributed to users through our growth & marketing program. (Get ready for airdrops!)
The rest of the tokens is used to finance the project and incentivize those working for Dopamining. We aim to keep the community portion of the tokens as high as possible while meeting the growth needs of the project.

Time based token distribution

Every day, a fixed supply $DPM tokens is distributed to Dragon holders of the final evolution. The daily amount decreases such that the amount halves every year.
The same goes for $DONE tokens, only they are distributed to everyone who actively works out with Dopamining.
The example values in this table may be updated in the future, but the principle stands: Tokens are given out to users at a decreasing daily rate, similar to the decreasing Bitcoin mining rewards. Once token distribution is almost finished, users will be able to participate in fees as a sustainable way of earning tokens.
Tokens distributed in year
Total tokens distributed

Other influences on token distribution

Payouts also depend on the total number of active users at any point in time. When less people are active, payouts increase slightly. This is meant to balance out fluctuations in activity.
Daily earnings per user will fluctuate based on circumstances, but these fluctuations will be limited by many mechanisms to make sure our tokens stay a reliable and valued indicator of effort.