Tokenomics Sustainability

Several past projects have lost their users' trust through hyperinflation. Frequently, this was caused by purely focusing on short-term growth and disregarding sustainable revenue streams.
A two token-system economy has great potential if designed right. With proper recognition of the problems, they can be solved while the advantages are still there.


Instead of X2Earn, we believe in Earn2X - using crypto reward systems as a powerful tool to support a more important goal: Establishing life-changing habits. We will not sacrifice existing users for rapid growth. Both our tokens are limited. Recurring income from Motivation-as-a-Service keeps the tokenomy sustainable.

Tokenomics 2.0

3 Problems frequently endanger projects that attempt to connect crypto to real life - or even to a game:

Problem 1: Hyperinflation

Several popular projects experienced a 99% drop in the value of their tokens at different points in time. This is of course devastating for user trust and can break the image of a project permanently. Often, this is caused by paying an unlimited supply of tokens, where (with enough time) each user could earn infinite coins. The problem gets worse if users can only spend a limited amount of tokens before they have bought all upgrades and objects they need. This makes the token valuable for new users and worthless for old users. Over time, most users become old, so the token becomes mostly worthless.
Our approach: Dynamic token-issuance and limitation of ALL tokens: All our tokens have limited supply. Long-term, prices for in-game purchases will go up slightly and earnings will decrease slightly. This encourages activity in our project and reduces the possibility of an oversupply crash.
Even though the nominal rewards decrease over time, motivationally this is balanced by increasing token value and the progressive addition of Dopamining app features for stronger motivation and more interesting NFT utility.

Problem 2: User Revenue Burnout

Crypto enables extremely strong growth strategies through incentive alignment. If users benefit from the growth of an ecosystem (for example through increasing value of a token), they are more likely to actively support its growth. This is a good thing. But it tempts companies to neglect their substance and just focus on growth. In the extreme, these companies only generate revenue from new users, which they use to reward existing users. The result is fast growth, followed by a steep crash when the cash runs out.

Our approach: Recurring Added Value

No project can afford just to pay the user base. In some way, users must consent to become customers in the classical sense. This means projects have to deliver continuous value - physical or immaterial - which is worth spending money on. Our main value proposition for recurring added value is Motivation as a Service. Our unique innovation is a system that holds you accountable and enables you to stake money on your own success, supercharging your chances to get life-changing results by 10x. We will charge a small participation fee to keep the tokenomics sustainable in the long term. And that is just the start. All upcoming features will be aimed at recurring added value.

Problem 3: Opportunism

Many projects convince users with flashy misleading marketing, especially the promise of "making money fast". This goes so far that people actually calculate the expected time to "break-even" before buying into these projects. The predictable result is an opportunistic community that leaves instantly when coin or NFT prices start falling for any reason, causing a kind of "bank run". This makes any small problem a potential danger to the survival of the whole project.

Our approach: Honesty

Our main aim is to increase your chances of succeeding at your workout plan. We are not X2Earn. We are Earn2X. This means our rewards are just one tool and not the main goal of Dopamining. Over time we will use many different tools - whatever it takes to empower our users to improve their lives. About this fact, we are honest from day 1. Sure, we use proven growth strategies. Sure, the first batch of users will benefit from the growth of Dopamining and might even multiply their initial investment. But this is just a bonus that may or may not come. And we will mislead our users into unrealistic expectations about this.